Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 11: P90x Yoga X

Today was day 11 of P90x. Yoga X. I can't decide if I like this workout or not yet. It is definitely different for me since I have never done yoga before. Downward doggie style, cat like reflexes in a shell, forward ninja, backward clown. Well, those aren't the exact names but you get the idea. These are all poses in yoga x. I wonder how some of this stuff can be done by a human being. BUT. It feels really good when you are done. A lot of good stretching. Stuff you would never do on your own. Also you get some good core work. Like I said before, I'm sure there is a method to the madness. I'm sure there is a reason for the order these workouts are in and why yoga x is placed where it is in the rotation.

Nutrition plan is fairly simple now and I could care less if I get any of the junk I was eating. I grill about 6-7 chicken breasts on sunday and eat them through out the week. I have been eating egg whites for breakfast and a Shakeology shake. Then tuna, chicken salad or chicken breast for lunch. A protein shake, some veggies a banana and maybe a yogurt. Dinner could be fish and veggies with some wheat pasta and then another protein shake. If I'm still hungry I'll eat a P90x Chocolate Penut Butter protein bar. Really good.

This is where I would really like to be doing Yoga X.

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